Information for students from abroad

The Institute keeps three places open annually for applicants from abroad who are not from a European Union country and have not acquired their higher education entrance qualification in the European Union. Applications need to be sent to Akademisches Auslandsamt, TU Dortmund, 44221 Dortmund. The deadline is July 15.

The application must include a two-page letter of motivation in which a candidate must explain the reasons for being interested in the study programme and state their journalistic experience, as well as their language skills.

To be accepted, a six-week internship must be completed before study can begin. In addition to this, admission to higher education in Germany requires students have an excellent command of oral and written German (more information at the Akademisches Auslandsamt). Suitable applicants are invited to an interview to further assess their educational and professional background, motivation, etc.

Foreign applicants who have completed the German Abitur may apply as a German applicant at the University of Dortmund's Studierendensekretariat . Applicants from the European Union need to apply via the Akademisches Auslandsamt. Both groups take part in the application process for regular study places.

Recognition of previously accrued credits abroad

  • First step

    First step

    The office of international affairs decides which previously achieved credits abroad will be recognised. For additional information, please refer to TU Dortmund's credit framework and the information portal on the recognition of foreign educational qualifications.

  • Second step

    Second step

    If a previous study achievement could possibly be recognised, the person responsible for the study unit decides whether it will be recognised.  

  • Third step

    Third step

    If there are no objections, the review board will forward the recognition to the examinations office.