Music journalism

Bachelor course (B.A.)

The Bachelor course in Music Journalism focuses on giving students a musical and journalism education. The first few semesters offer introductory elements, thus giving students the opportunity to orient themselves with the wide range of topics. From the first semester on students participate in instrumental classes. Courses in voice and speech training are also offered, preparing students for such demands within the field of journalism. In both the journalism and musical courses, artistic and cultural practice are historically analysed and compared to the present time. There is a high level of autonomous study to encourage independent learning schedules.

In the training newsroom, students become familiar with newsroom methods and workflows during their study. There, students can transfer their acquired knowledge to their own journalistic product.

At the end of the study period, students write a bachelor thesis.

Master’s course (M.A.)

The Master’s course allows students to deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in the Bachelor course. A major element of this study stream is the practical component where acquired skills are applied to real-life situations. The practical section will primarily take part in institutions and companies which already work closely with the journalism and music faculties. A close cooperation exists with culture radio station WDR3 (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). Knowledge gained from the practical is to be discussed and will be reflected on in seminars from a scientific perspective.

The Master’s thesis concludes the programme.